Starting “Just Friends” isn’t a Bad Thing After All

Yes, we all despise this terrible thing known as “friend zone”. However, contrary to the common wisdom; it is not a bad thing after all.

If you want to lead your social and romantic life based on the pop culture and TV shows like Sex and the City, go ahead, but if you want to experience something more meaningful, hear me out!

You can still get a positive outcome if you started out as “Just Friends” with no expectations. Let’s say you start setting up scenes, such as discovering new places, walking through parks, having lunch together, etc, without labeling your relationship, and Let’s say   you engage in discussions related to work, social or romantic matters, without trying to push for any physical commitments. So far you haven’t lost anything, right? You had a good time with a friend, now let’s see what can be the good outcome:

Enjoy the Ride and Get Surprised

Let me quickly tell you about my experience. A few years back, I met this guy called Johnson on a popular dating website, and we decided to meet up without any expectations. We tried many exciting activities such as ice skating, scuba diving, watched few soccer games, went out for dinner, and so on, I would say these were the best times of my life. but I was shocked as he never pushed forward for anything physical. No kissing,  no touching, and obviously no sex. I started to feel like perhaps he is gay?

After a few weeks of going out, he invited me over to a board game night, which he planned so I could meet some of his friends. When everybody left, we got tipsy and talked about several sexual and romantic issues. I was ready to talk to him or give him any indication that I want something more, but then it just happened: He got close and kissed me. It felt great and warm. I never had such a great surprise in my life. I’m so glad that it happened, but I was also ready to move on if it didn’t happen, which brings me to my next point:

Don’t Hurt Anyone

How many times you dated someone a few times only to realize they are not the right person for you? How did you break up with them? Many personality features that want to test during dating can also be tested while you are friends. By staying in friendship zone, if you decide they are not the right person for you, you won’t hurt them because you didn’t set a high expectation to begin with.

Keep your Friends Close

I have dated many men and had a great time with most of them. But when we separated it occasionally very ugly to the point that we never want to see each other again. Whereas if we childishly label things and create expectations, we could have still enjoyed each other’s company. By starting as friends, if you decide that you don’t like them romantically, you can always keep them around as friends and still enjoy their company.

Get Insider Info

If you date with someone and they dump you, you may never know why. But if you start gentle, as friends, chances are they implicitly or explicitly disclose to you the kind of partners they really want. you can take note of the type of people they choose to woo or date. You can either become that person or decide that they are just not right for you.


As a lady, knowing the fact that you are not a sexual prospect for any man will surely make you comfortable, making you free and not indebted to any man. As Matt S. has mentioned,

“you’ll be able to improve your confidence and comfort level”

if you’re in the friend zone. You can put on any clothes of your choice, eat carbs, drop or wear the makeup. You can go to the extent of discussing whatever filthy topic you choose to, as it’s really exciting. This provides you a good and positive practice in the event that you desire to be revoltingly comfortable in a long-lasting relationship. 

“Am I getting fat? People say I don’t look attractive, is that true?” For the reason that you are comfortable and free with each other, you can receive hard, but honest opinions from someone that cannot get any further than where they currently occupy – “just friends”.


Starting up something serious when you are trapped in friend zone doesn’t occur regularly as many people would prefer, although it happens often. Just don’t push it, otherwise, you’ll be considered as cheap and might make him/her lose interest in you. If you have everything under control, you can change the situation. Again, since you have been together as friends, you must have passed the first stage: he/she knows that you have a good personality and likes being with you.


When you start up as friends, you can grow a serious kind of respect and affection for one another that can possibly be fast-tracked into a relationship. As John Haskins has stated,

“Friendship gives the two of you the perfect opportunity to really get to know each other.”

You can think twice and be true to your friendship, or perhaps be sincere friends and know what’s best for each other – not someone waiting and praying fervently to get a shot.


Friendship can go far beyond the borders of a romantic relationship. If you’re just friends, there will be no make-ups or breakups. Being just friends isn’t a bad thing after all.



There is nothing bad with meeting someone and starting off as just friends and subsequently woo them. Whoever keeps you in friend zone is just not sexually attracted to you at the moment. Let’s be sincere here, this doesn’t mean that if you were not in friend zone, you would get into his/her pants on the first date. Have you considered that he/she may just not be interested in you? Even if you’re seeking for a date, by meeting friends from opposite gender, you can get advice from them, create mutual understanding, get comfortable around them, there’s every possibility that they may introduce you to their single friends.

Even in factual occurrences, the first meetings aren’t usually referred to as dating – you chitchat with a stranger in a public place or party, fix a date or meet up at a friend’s house, etc. As soon as you feel a connection, you can then ask them out.

Be honest for a second and tell me how many times you dated someone with all the labels knowing you don’t want to say with them forever, and after a few months when you found someone hotter or richer, you pulled the rug on your date and moved on with the next opportunity?

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