6 Tips on How to Make New Friends and Have a Great Social Life

We all know that with the metropolitan busy life, it’s hard to find friends. It was much easier back in college…  Making new friends being adults actually seems a bit tougher.

But don’t worry, there are certain approaches that you can try.

1) Find ways to meet new people

Join some fun groups around your area. Get to know one or two people and introduce yourself. You can try joining some activities or communities that can get you around the interference of many people that have the same interests as you. For example : dance communities, sports groups,  taking some interesting class, or join a meet-up group. Put yourself around potential friends and you’ll naturally get to know them.

2) Build the foundation.

Once you have got some potential friends around you, try to know them deeper by leading conversations with them. For example, you can invite them go out for dinner, watch a movie, etc. This is the very important step in making friends. You will hang out with all the people you like, and they might think  you‘re a great person to spend time with.

3) Get to know them well, share ideas…

The third step is  after you meet new friends, try to find the common ground, find their interests, find out what bothers them, and see if you can connect to them. Find and excuse to set up the next meeting. You need to get to know them better and closely, but genuinely. Sharing your ideas would be an interesting activity to do. And when you win the hearts of each other, the friendship will last forever!

Not sure exactly how to do it? Well you have to be very caring, tender and attentive.  Here’s a little tip: Try to get people’s contact information, and keep in touch after the meet up.

4) Keep in touch with them, don’t break the circle

Now, you have some contacts, but that’s not enough. You need to keep hanging out fairly often, do some fun things, and celebrate the great time together. What’s more, be there for them as a lovely friend. This way, some budding friendships can turn into lifelong ones.

5) Make it an unforgettable experience

Have you ever heard the saying; “the more the merrier”?  Well it’s so true! Spending quality times together will push your relationships to be stronger.

Each person has their unique way of having fun, find the common interests, at the same time try to create new ideas.

Here are some fun things you can do with your friends:

·         Have a spa day

·         Watch a movie together

·         Plan a camping trip or go on hiking

·         Go fishing

·         Host a game night

·         Have a blast in a party

·         Volunteer together

·         Go for playing board games

·         Get out the bikes and bike everywhere around

·         Try a long driving session

·         Watch a music concert

6) Repeat these  steps, and keep making more new friends!

See if these steps work for you. I’m sure they will. You’ll end up have a pile of friends and acquaintances eventually and you’ll be happy ever after! Do not give up. There is always new people out there that they would be excited to meet you.

Using PlusOne Social app you can meet new people in your area, and as opposed to dating apps, you can be “Just friends” with them. The trick is to keep going out and keep your social momentum.

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