How to Find Friends When You’re a Full-Time Professional

Congratulations! You’ve graduated college, but now everyone is going on with their lives. You either go back to your hometown, or your college friends just slowly vanish because they’ve been so busy adulting. But don’t fret! We’re going to talk about how to make friends after college.

1. Exploring your city


Whether you’re new to a city or been there all your life, there will always be someone sitting at a coffee shop, laying down on the green grass at the park, or just taking a walk around the block. As Olivia Adams mentions in her blog post:

“Take yourself on an adventure to a coffee shop or a dog park you’ve never visited.”

Go out there and enjoy the weather and make a new friend while you’re at it.

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2. Social media messaging

Man on phone

Social Media is a great place to meet new friends after college. Have you been following someone for quite a while and they live near you, but you have never gotten the chance to talk to them? Well, give it a shot! As Andrea Syrtash states it in her article:

“If someone on one of your networks piques your interest and lives locally, send her a direct message inviting her to an event or asking if she’d want to meet over a cup of coffee.”

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3. Be friends with your co-workers

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Don’t assume every co-worker from your workplace is evil. If there’s someone you don’t like, you don’t need to be friends with that person. But find a co-worker you like that you can see yourself hanging out with. Being friends with a co-worker is great, as Danielle Sepulveres states in her article:

“There is something really comforting about going to happy hour on a Thursday with all the people who have experienced the exact same aggravation that you have had all week.”

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4. Use Networking Apps

PlusOne Social app

Technology these days is so advanced that we have an app for potentially anything. There are several apps for networking and finding friends. Meetup, and  PlusOne Social are great apps to start with. You can meet people on these apps fro casual events such as having cofffee or going to a concert. As Natalie states in her article:

“Go to brunch, spend the day at a flea market, go to a show with a new friend. Use these apps to help you find someone to go to fun daytime things with!”

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5. Get a roommate

Roommates in kitchen cooking

Are you struggling to pay the bills on the expensive 4K flat? Apartment prices are continuing to surge and finding a roommate can help you two ways: help you pay the bills and potentially be your next new friend. As Emily Mitchell puts it in her article:

“Sharing your living space with another person creates instant community.”

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6. Join Social Clubs

Joining social clubs are a great way to meet new friends. Don’t be shy and miss the opportunity to join some clubs! In our previous article, we mentioned a couple of social clubs you could join with descriptions of what they do. Click here to read it! If you didn’t want to click on it, I’m going to mention them anyways. 😉

1. Dynamic Sports & Social Club: active in sports

2. Orbiters Toastmasters: helping you feel confident when speaking

3. Silver Creek Valley Country Club: active in sports/social events

4. San Jose Woman’s Club: volunteering for women

 5. Play Recess: active in sports

6. ZogSports in San Francisco: active in sports

7. Adventures in Common in San Francisco: active in activities

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There are so many ways to meet new friends after college, so don’t dread. Let us know how you made friends after college! And if there are any suggestions you would like us to add, we’re all ears!

If you liked or hated this article, please let us know. We would love to hear your comments. Also, try our app, PlusOne Social App. It connects you with other like-minded people for the purpose of finding friends and activity partners. Based on your interests, it will connect you to 15-20 new people every day.

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