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How to Get The Most Out of PlusOne

PlusOne Social is an app for finding friends and activity partners. Everyday based on your interests, it sends you 15-20 new people from which you can choose to meet. Data shows that even though people are open to friendship and meeting new friends, the way you approach them, your profile bio, and your profile pictures still matter a lot. Here are some important tips on how to get the most out of PlusOne.

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Ok, first things first, let’s start with some basic questions:

  1. What does your profile picture say about you?
  2. Does your profile bio say anything about you as a person? Does it show you’re caring, adventurous, or honest? Or does it consist of just a few cliche sentences?
  3. Do you respond quickly to others, or you drag the conversation time?

Let’s go through these one by one:

 1. Your Profile Pictures Matter… A Lot

Pictures, pictures, pictures….your profile picture is critically important. On PlusOne, many people decide to say “Yes” or “No” based on your main profile picture, so why not put one of your nicer pictures?


  • Use photos that capture you smiling in a close-up, as smiles indicate you’re a happy person
  • Use photos of yourself that are inviting, calming, and neutral in nature
  • Use photos that show who you are as a person (such as a picture of you at a coffee shop: this indicates that you like coffee)


  • Don’t use photos that don’t show your face (like wearing sunglasses)
  • Don’t use photos in which you’re not smiling, as it indicates you’re a very serious person
  • Don’t use photos of you in groups, as it will be hard to indicate who you are
  • Don’t use scary photos (see below right photo)
  • Don’t use very close up photos (no one wants to see a photo of your full face on the screen when they first swipe)
Seriously, are you trying to scare people away or invite them to like you?
Example of a bad profile picture for PlusOne Social App
Ok, which one is you?

2. Add an Emotional Narrative to Your Bio

PlusOne automatically creates a default bio for you based on your interests. But if you want other users’ trust, you need to take a step further and be a little more personal.

A short bio is the second thing that captures user’s attention. The challenge of having an effective bio is being able to tell an emotionally engaging story about yourself in as few as three sentences. A short bio that resonates with the reader completes the calm inviting narrative that begins with your profile picture. As Jörgen Sundberg puts it in his article,

“You need to take some time to think about your readers and what you want them to think about you.”


  • Identify why you’re writing your bio and who is it for
  • Start with your name when you write your bio, as it’s like introduction when you introduce yourself to a person
  • Add humor to showcase you’re a funny person and like to have fun
  • Keep it short, sweet, and emotional (preferably three sentences)
  • Use emotive words as opposed to factual ones
  • Root them in using emotions

“Your bio is getting more and more important and you should make sure it sells you and brings out your personal brand.”

Example: My name is Alex, and I just moved here from New Orleans where the streets smell like candy. I’m always up for meeting new people who appreciate the taste of bubble gum and want to learn about the fine art of knitting.


  • Don’t use any bio that is over 5 sentences
  • Avoid boring facts


3. Use the “Post” Section and Share

PlusOne allows you to share interesting links and pictures in the “post” section. When posting, it allows users’ to know what type and kind of person you are. You never know who you’d find that has similar interests as you. 🙂

We all have our interests and pet peeves – and we are happy to share them with the world. It turns out, however, that what we share, and how we express ourselves while sharing, leaves lasting impressions on people who see them. Your posts can be used as conversation openers by other users, and they can decide if they want to meet you or not.


  • Post funny things, like a cat playing the piano, which is universally loved!
  • Post nice pictures of you doing different activities
  • Post funny youtube videos
  • Post your favorite songs


  • Politics and religion, as it can get very debatable and arguments tend to arise
  • Anything that shows you flipping people off, or gang signs

5. Respond Quickly

When a user gets quick responses, it is the biggest factor in the likelihood of continuing a conversation. Even if the responses were a simple head-shaking emoji that came quickly, they were preferred to long drawn-out thoughtful responses that came a day later.


  • Respond short, sweet, and fast
  • If you are busy to respond back but have read the messages, make sure to let the user know you were busy, so the other user knows you were still interested in becoming friends


  • Drag out responses that take too long to type and/or refer to vague references
  • Not responding back past 24 hours


6. Invite Users to Your Events

One extra tip to get the best out of PlusOne is to let users know you exist. Rather than waiting for them to say “Yes” to you, you can start by inviting them to your events directly. It’s extremely easy, just go to the “Meet” section from the bottom navigation bar, and if you see someone you would like to invite, just tap the star button with “Invite!” on it. Inviting a user makes the person feel special because they’re invited by you. It’s like getting an invitation to a birthday party as a kid, it gives you joy because you were invited. So start making other people feel special and let them know you exist!


Give these suggestions a try on how to perfect your PlusOne Social App profile. Let us know if it has worked for you or not. And if you have any other tips, we’d be happy to hear about them! 🙂

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