How to Resolve Conflicts when Fighting with Your Friends

Have you ever been in an argument with your friends, but don’t know how to resolve them? There are many ways to resolve conflicts, but one of the most important ways to resolve anything is communication in a calm manner. In this article, we’re going to discuss some ideas to help you resolve some conflicts you may have with your friends.


1. Are they in the right place to talk right now?

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There is never a right time to talk about something, but there is a better time. If your friend is going through some tough things, then maybe it’s not the best to discuss the argument. Be there for your friend, understand what he/she is going through, and then discuss the argument later after things have been resolved. As Nicole Franco states in her article:

“Think about the other person’s state of mind.”

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2. Understand each other’s perspective

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Try to understand your friend’s perspective. Why do they have the right to be mad? If you were in his/her shoes, would you be mad at yourself too? As Kristin Feenstra states in her article:

“Sometimes if you sit down and talk things over, you begin to see where the other person is coming from. Realize that everyone has been created differently with various talents, abilities, and personality traits.”

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3. Communication

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Communication is key to any argument. Understand why you guys are having an argument and apologize as soon as you figure out what’s wrong. As Natalie Brown states in her article:

“But what keeps us from having more than one argument a year is communication and understanding. We both know we cannot expect them to do what we do.”

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4. Solution

Comforting each other

Try to resolve the problem in a calm manner, once you have resolved it:

“Suggest that they let go of anything they feel is less important than their friendship. Encourage them to consider if each would rather be right than friends and what would be lost in apologizing for hurt feelings”.

as Kathryn Rateliff Barr stated in her article.

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5. Don’t Hold Grudges

When holding grudges, it won’t be healthy for you, as it will cause you health and future problems. As  mentions in her article:

“When you hold on to resentment, frustration, any kind of negative energy, you are letting it take control of your mind and body. Not only are you are allowing that anger at another person to rule your life, you are letting it cause you health problems at the same time.”

She discusses that stress chemicals start occurring, and you will start to feel angry because you keep holding a grudge. As Melissa states in her article, she mentions some health problems that may occur when holding a grudge, such as headaches, depression, high blood pressure, etc. The negative thoughts are shaping your future self.

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When resolving conflicts with friends, you have to remember to not get angry so fast, but listen to what your friends have to say. Are they in the right state to talk? Put yourself in their shoes, do you understand why they’re mad? Communicate with one another, make sure to understand each other’s reasoning. And finally, let each other know that friendship is worth more than the argument you guys are having and let go of any grudges. 

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