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Dear PlusOners,

Thank you for using our app. PlusOne is an app for making friends and meeting activity partners. We try our best to provide a fun environment away from the pressure of dating, and thus we are positioning PlusOne as a non-dating app.


Our app is optimized for successful professionals who are too busy to go out and meet people, and we try our best to simplify this process.

There are many successful and popular apps and websites out there that providing dating services. PlusOne, however, is designed for people that are not necessarily looking for dates or hookups, but just want to find friends and socialize. In  particular, PlusOne is designed to help our users find friends to go to events with.

Our main use cases are as follows:

  • Finding activity partners and friends to go to events with
  • Networking
  • Socializing

We truly  believe that life is not all about dating, and there is value in meeting people for the sole purpose of friendship and socializing.

Thanks again for using our app and please send us your feedback and comments.


PlusOne Social App Team

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