Posts: A New Feature in PlusOne

We are very excited today to release and announce our new feature on PlusOne Social app. Now you can share your favorite links on PlusOne.


One of the main complaints about apps like PlusOne is that it is usually very hard to know people from a few line bios and some pictures in their profiles. In fact, many users have asked us to increase the number of ways to interact with other users.

We are addressing these with posts: you can now share your favorite video/link/photo that is interesting to you on PlusOne. Maybe you would like to post your favorite recipes or favorite band you just discovered, and share it with the world. Your posts will show up on your profile and other users can see them and get an idea of what are the things you are interested in.

Moreover, you can engage in a conversation with other users by commenting on their posts.

How Do Posts Work?

Posts are simple: go to “posts” section on the bottom navigation bar and from there, you should see a pink circle with a “plus” symbol on the far right bottom corner. Just tap that button, and you’re ready to post. Yes, it’s just that simple.


Voting and Comment System

One great feature regarding posts is being able to have an anonymous voting system. You can upvote or downvote a post anonymously without notifying the owner of the post. 

Aside from the voting system, you have the option to write comments and write your own opinion and participate in a discussion with other users.



Posts are a great way to share information, such as recipes, music, memes, etc. You can post videos, links, or just a photo. The voting system is anonymous, providing users more option to downvote or upvote a post freely. The commenting system allows users to write their opinions on other user’s post. 

We hope you will enjoy the app as much as we do.

Please give us your feedback by leaving a comment here or through the app.

Happy Posting! 🙂

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