What Type of Friend Are You?

What type of friend are you? There are many types of friends, but I am going to list the most known ones, at least from my experience that is. If you’re curious to see what type of friend you are, then continue on reading!

1. Getting you on track

Mom and daughter laughing

This person is someone who is a “mom/dad” figure, they get you on track and prevent any bad choices you may have. They talk to you and advise you through things to help you get through anything. You’re thinking about making a bad decision but unsure if it’s a bad one? Talk to this mom/dad figure.

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2. The Loud One

Screaming man

This person is very loud and doesn’t like being quiet. Sometimes they just talk so loud that they don’t even notice it. Don’t ever take this person to a library. 😉

As Taran Bassi mentions in her blog post, the loud one

“Has no grasp of the concept of whispering, and refuses to pipe down for anyone.”

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3. The Partier


This person loves to party, meet new people, and get drunk on occasions. They’re often the ones that are having a hangover on weekends. Don’t bother trying to hang out with this person the next day after a huge party, most likely this person is throwing up and trying to get some sleep.

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4. The Talker

Two girls talking on phone

This person loves to talk, talking about anything that comes to mind, talking about anything without giving it a second thought. But it’s not necessarily a bad thing that the person talks so much, as Nancy Bond says in her article

“Sometimes they’ll challenge you, but at the end of the day they will add something intangible to your life that would seem empty without them.”

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5. True Friend

Two girls

This person is always there for you, helping you, supporting you, and giving you all the comfort you need. This person won’t find you annoying, this person will love you for who you are and the decisions you make. I couldn’t put it better myself, but as S.L. Young says in his article, this person is

“someone who doesn’t place a classification, condition, value, or limitation on a relationship; someone who will provide emotional support and will also remain friends during good and bad times without exceptions.”

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6. The Vanished One

Guy on phone

This person is rarely there. They used to be close to you, but slowly, that person vanished. You see them on their social media, but that’s about it.

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7. The Roadtrip One

Car driving through cave

This person is someone you always go on road trips with, someone who makes all road trips fun. You both create road trip playlists and plan any travel plans together. As Jeremiah Creedon states:

“a good road buddy can read a map, is willing to bathe, and has a credit card and a driver’s license”

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8. The Quiet One

Embracing sunlight

This person is the quiet one, who is usually the one that listens to their friends talk. As Jenny Davis mentions in her article:

“You’ll usually find this friend on the edge of the crowd, inserting comments every now and then, but otherwise just observing.”

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There are much more types of friends, but that list would be endless. Let us know what type of friend you are, whether it’s listed on here, or not. We’ll be happy to know what type of friend you are in your group!

If you’re unsure what kind of friend you are, click here to take a quiz to find out!

Or just take the quiz for fun. 🙂


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