What is PlusOne Social App About?

Greetings and thanks for checking us out!

PlusOne is made with love. We started small and recently became very popular around Bay Area, CA. We work hard to improve our app and release updates every few days.

Here, we would like to briefly describe why we created this app and what our vision is.

While having similarities with online dating services, PlusOne is designed NOT as a dating app, but as a social connector for finding friends and activity partners. We made this app for people who want to start an organic low-pressure relationship, and for people who for one reason or another do not want to be on a dating app. After all, not everything in life is about dating.

PlusOne is an app for finding friends without any judgement or prior agenda.

What is our vision?

PlusOne was started based on the personal journey of its founders. Many of us find it incrementally hard to find friends after school. People move, get married, and change. As life gets faster and faster, and we get drowned into our day-to-day life and carrier, there is less time to go out and meet people. Online dating apps have done a good job in connecting people together. But what if you don’t want to date? What if all you want is an activity partner? What if sexual relationship is not the  first thing that crosses your mind? Surprisingly, not that many apps exist to connect people just for friendship.

Our vision is to be the low pressure app that gives you the option of meeting amazing people in your area while staying away from the weirdness of online dating.

What are Some Main Features of PlusOne Social App?

Besides being focused on friends and activity partners, PlusOne has the following features:

We are Event Based

PlusOne is event based: each user can post a short description of what they want to do, where they want to go, and when they want to do it. Any other user that is interested has a chance to send one message to the event owner. If he/she accepts, a chat line opens and they can communicate.

Curated Event Suggestions

We find interesting events around Bay Area, curate them and offer them as a  list of PlusOne events in the app. Besides their own events, each user can select one of the curated events and ask for an activity partner.

Want your event to be listed? Drop us a line!

Curated Friend Suggestions

Every day we curate about 20 new friend suggestions and send it to all users based on their preference and interests. This way they will not be overwhelmed with too many options at once.


Is Dating Forbidden on PlusOne? Am I Gonna be Friendzoned?

The short answer is “No”. we don’t police people. What happens between you and other users is your business (subject to our terms of service).

That said however, we are very careful to create a safe environment. We have implemented several features to protect our users privacy and improve their experience: A chat line will open only if the two parties are interested in each other, or if a user has posted an event request. We will actively ban any abusive behavior and strongly request our users to report them. Users can close each chat line and report abusive behavior. Each user can clearly specify if he/she is absolutely not into dating. We require users to approach other users with respect and always consider that they may not be on the app for dating.

? Read our blog post on Friendzone and being “Just Friends”

I Love the Idea. How Can I Help?

Everyday we get a lot of encouraging messages. People send us suggestions and requests. If you also want to be in the loop, here are some ways to help us improve:

  • Share PlusOne with your friends: The more users we get, the higher the quality of our app. Besides, we will be motivated to work harder!
  • Send us your feedback: we are listening! We are continuously improving and updating this app. Please leave us a comment either here or fill out our survey and let us know what is the next feature you want to see, and what is bothering you about the current version of the app.
  • Like us on Facebook!
  • Give us a review on App Store and Google Play Store

We are currently available both on iTunes and Google Play Store.

Peace and Love,

PlusOne Social App Team

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